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A collection built from existing garments, which I did not cut. Developed by putting on the garments in a different way or shaping them around the body in a new way.

By wearing them in different ways you see what else a garment can offer you, which is important for a good relationship with your items to continue enjoying them.

In this project I want to make people look at their old garments in a different way and bring back the love you once had for those garments. I take the new out of the old and inspire others to do the same.

It’s very important that consumers themselves can make different choices, that consumers can also be producers and that you regain control over your own clothing.

Videographer & edit: Pasqual Amade | Assistant videographer: Najim Jansen | Direction and choreography:  Bas Andrea & Nathalie Haelermans @House of Orange | Production: Stéphanie Mariën | Models: Ila Nahar, Gioya Rellum, Alina Voskuil, Emma Pastoor & Pilar Madimin | Hair & make-up: Glam by MIR, Jess does makeup beauty, ShanShanStudio, Hair by Deem, Hilda Shen | Sound: Thijme Ebskamp

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