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You don't donate clothes, you dispose of them.

At that point it becomes waste, from the clothing containers directly burned in large ovens.

Human beings have an ever-increasing need for variety. We are always looking for something new; we don't ever have enough. This need for variation does not necessarily have to be satisfied by buying something new, something straight off the clothes rack. It can also be done in a different way: by looking differently, doing differently, combining differently... In short, by making something 'new' from what is already there!

By making small adjustments, a big change is created. Without altering the original state of my chosen garments, I have formed creations that together bring about something new and that can be transformed again and again into their original state, or into yet another new appearance, with simple actions. This in combination with the fragile tulle shows that we will have to be much more frugal with our clothing and not just dump it.

Why produce again and again when we can also create a new?

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